2016 Semi-finalists

Team Summary Team Members


Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide and over 1 billion people will smoke on a daily basis. Abdicare has developed a novel pharmaceutical in the form of a once daily e-cigarette/ inhaler that will help smokers defeat their addiction via aversion therapy.

• Kham Ali, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 2016
Abled “Abled” is a non-profit mobile app that improves communication between campus administrators and campus visitors while expanding the accessibility of higher education campuses around the nation. • Rachel Wolfe, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 2016
• Erin Falk, Other, 2015
AID Foundation AID Foundation serves as a third party financial intermediary, regulator, and reporting agency, benefiting both donors and organizations by providing tools and incentives to enforce transparency and accountability in the international humanitarian and development sector. • Nicholas Johnson, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2017


The product of this venture is a novel safety light device for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles that increases the rider’s visibility and alerts drivers to the rider’s approach when the rider would otherwise be invisible. • Nikolaos Beratlis, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2001
• Natalia Clementi, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2019
Charge Club Our cell phones are always dying, but Charge Club is here to help. Inspired by the successful “bike share” program, Charge Club installs stations all over town that vend portable charging packs for our customers' phones. After your phone is charged up, simply drop the charger at the closest station! • Jordan Weinberg, School of Business, 2017
• Michael Weinberg, School of Business, 2017
Circo Vie Circo Vie is a holistic, entertaining, and engaging B corporation start-up, designed to coach youth through the most formative years of life. Through customizable week-long afterschool workshops, Circo Vie blends healthy lifestyle behavior education into circus arts training. A delightfully sensible option, Circo Vie prepares youth to change the world. • Charlotte Byram, School of Public Health, 2016
Clutch Band Clutch Inc. is a company focused on advancing organized sports and engaging college, intramural and recreational team athletes through our wearable Clutch Band and software.  Clutch improves team performance by tracking individual and team statistics, and builds communities online and on the field.  Evolve Your Game, Evolve The Sport • Will S Cooper, School of Business, 2017
• Dave Yoon, School of Business, 2016
• Megan McGrath, School of Business, 2017
• David Meyers, School of Business, 2017
Dress to Impress As a young professional, do you feel like you have nothing new and unique to wear to work and professional gatherings? For an affordable security deposit and user-friendly DRESS TO IMPRESS! app and website, you can temporarily swap professional attire with women in DMV area and really Dress to Impress! • Srija S, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2015
• Lana Svitla, Other, 2014
• Aleksandra Desansky, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2017
Fecal Sludge Management Our aim is to develop a cost effective and functional fecal sludge management in urban slums in Bangladesh. The successful completion of this project will bring some positive results on health and environment of the slum areas. • Mahmudul Hasan, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2017
Filings Filings is a web platform in which users can read and discuss SEC filings or have them automatically delivered via email or their favorite cloud storage provider. Filings aggregates and preprocesses financial data from the SEC, making it readily available using natural language processing techniques and a user-friendly interface. • Jacob Learned, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2016
• Rashad Russell, Other, 2016
FitFoodie Healthy living revolves around exercise and food. The amount of calories we burn and the amount we intake. All fitness apps calculate the amount of calories an individual burns. However, there is no calorie based food ordering service. FitFoodie is a fitness monitoring calorie based food ordering application. • Archer Sharma, School of Business, 2017
• Arijit Gupta, School of Business, 2017
• John Jolissaint, School of Business, 2017
food x change food x change empowers individuals to solve America's food waste crisis. By employing our easy to use and innovative app, users leverage their daily travel and commuting habits to transport surplus food to organizations serving those in need, helping both people and the planet. • Christina Bowman, Other, 2016
• Charlotte Dreizen, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2016
HomeGrown Farms HomeGrown Farms is an indoor farming company that yields hyperlocal, sustainable produce by utilizing cutting-edge hydroponics. Our farms will grow produce for consumers interested in the freshest produce. HGF systems function regardless of weather conditions, and will be placed in densely populated communities. HomeGrown Farms: Grow Local, Eat Local. • Parth Chauhan, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2013
• Pranav Kaul, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2016
• Raghav Garg, Other, 2013
• Zeel Patel, Other, 2013
Imprints Imprints is a temporary, second skin for feet, reconnecting the wearer with a true barefoot experience without sacrificing protection from unsanitary surfaces.  Consisting of a flexible waterproof material, Imprints easily stick to the user’s feet, provide gripped support, and are peeled off and discarded after each use. • Jacquelyn DeVore, GW Law, 2016
• Biyerem Okengwu, Other, 2015
Intersection Intersection, a for-profit social venture, proposes a solution to excessive waste by college students, unsafe and inconvenient online markets, and non-profits’ shortage of funds. The online platform creates an “intersection” where university students and graduates can exchange used goods (through secret bidding) while contributing to local charities and environmental sustainability. • Christina Carpenter, School of Business, 2016
Main Street Mini Golf Main Street Mini Golf creates pop-up mini golf experiences across New York City at schools, community centers, and any organization looking to raise money for a good cause.  It's fun, it's affordable, and it's right down the street.  It's mini golf for a cause. • Matthew Layman, GW Law, 2017
MARK Labs Inc. MARK is a social finance platform that streamlines and manages the impact investing process for finance professionals and their clients. By providing a platform to monitor the financial and social components of an impact investment, social finance can be engaged in a beneficial manner for both social enterprises and investors. • Michael Ortolano, Other, 2015
• Anabelle Suitor, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2016
• Amal Abukar, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2013
Mental Health Promotion 1 in 4 teens are affected by mental illness, an issue increasingly linked to suicide, substance abuse, and violence. Mental Health Promotion is a curriculum designed to supplement the existing health education class taught in high schools across the country, reducing these issues and promoting student wellness and academic success.

• Kyrah Altman, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2019

•  Nora Hennessey, Elliot School of International Affairs, 2019

Micro-Housing for Millenials "Micro-housing for millennials" is an affordable housing proposal targeted for millennials and their frugal lifestyle in Washington, DC.  Per projections, the intent is to acquire a building in a renowned area, raise money, renovate the building to cater to millennial style, and double the investors' money in about 5 years. • Derek Dorazio, School of Business, 2018
• Varinder Galotra, School of Business, 2016
• Ray Magee, School of Business, 2016
Misread Press Misread Press is a publishing company dedicated to producing meaningful, high quality fiction that captivates readers while normalizing mental illness. Through our books and online communities, we will give readers, struggling with mental health issues, a safe place to feel understood and that they are not alone. • Katelyn Leboff, College of Professional Studies, 2017
• Dean Smith, College of Professional Studies, 1985
MyPrefCard MyPrefCard is a cloud-based software and personal device application that leverages modern technology to streamline the operating room experience for surgeons and surgical services staff.  By enabling real-time communication and patient-based preference list customization, overall operating room efficiency will dramatically improve, rendering substantial financial benefits and improved patient outcomes. • Benjamin Wood, School of Business, 2018
• John Shuck, Other
Nikou Inc. NIKOU Inc. is a DC based online retailer on the rise offering unique necklace accessories that are handcrafted locally. These “neckcessories” are the perfect way to instantly transform professional business day attire into a dressy evening look, thereby saving time for young working women who attend social events after work. • Nikou Golchin, School of Business, 2016
• Kevan Moezzi, Other, 2003
Open Data Nation Open Data Nation consults with policymakers, professionals, and academics to use open, public data to make data-driven decisions, generate a return on investment in publishing data, and operate more effectively and efficiently. We evaluate big data for insights, teach data analytics to employees, and engage new audiences with open data. • Carey Nadeau, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2008
• Monica Svetoslavov, GW Law, 2017
Opioid Overdose Prevention Alison Spillane will reach out to local academic and hospital-based nursing programs to provide a three-hour opioid overdose prevention training for student and novice nurses new to the field.  An opportunity to form a nonprofit linking technical experts with healthcare providers will be explored. • Alison Spillane, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 2016
Ozie Education Ozie is a user-friendly iPad platform for K-12 teachers to easily create completely customizable content matching their students’ unique needs. Teachers virtually guide students through their interactive lessons, receiving immediate feedback on student progress. The Ozie community empowers teachers to profit from the lessons they sell to other Ozie teachers. • Gregory Jones, School of Business, 2016
• Nydia Velando-Otarola, School of Business, 2016
PooBeta Shhhh…it’s a secret, but we know. You’re not “normal”. And when you are, it’s magical. Let’s change that. PooBeta is your guide on the quest to achieve the Perfect Poo. Log your progress on the porcelain throne and our application will do the rest. Together we’ll make magical, normal. • Michael De Vivo, School of Public Health, 2016
Project Dream Miles Project Dream Miles using running and technology to create local social impact. For every mile logged on our run-tracking app, DreamRun, we donate 10¢ to a local charity of the user's choosing. We make this possible through by providing highly targeted & specialized marketing services to sponsors. • Yeshwant Chillakuru, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2017
• Danish Imtiaz, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2018
• Charles Dorward, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2017
 Chanu Dasari
Propisor Propisor is an online aggregator of service providers that allows customers to connect with the right vendor as per the customer's specifications: location, budget, taste and timeline. Propisor promotes transparency by exposing customer's to vendor profiles that showcase pictures/videos of projects, cost of service, former work locations, certifications, recognitions, etc. • Veer Taneja, School of Business, 2016
• Satyam Gupta, Other, 2014
Qwerk Qwerk is an innovative, user-friendly mobile application that serves as a platform for college students to work part-time jobs while connecting with other students in their campus community. Qwerk aims to unite college campuses, making every student's life less stressful and mor convenient at all times. • Benjamin Devore, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2018
• Ben Horowitz, Other, 2017
Represently Represently is a digital platform enabling effective communication between constituents and their representatives. The customer relations management (CRM) software is the only constituent-centric product. For the Hill, Represently makes constituent correspondence their greatest asset. For voters, Represently enables group digital advocacy directly to their Congressperson. • Joseph Nelson, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2016
• Kevin Connell, School of Business, 2016
• Nathan Pigott, Other, 2014
RightDate RightDate is a dating app that invites users on dates to volunteer, or otherwise participate in nonprofit activities. By tapping into millinial's desire to volunteer, RightDate will solve the time commitment issues that regular online dating present. • Leah Farrar, GW Law, 2016
Rooftop Tea Company The Rooftop Tea Company is a social enterprise that seeks to “greenify” the world’s cities by empowering women in underserved communities to transform their concrete rooftops into economically lucrative tea gardens. • Cheyenne Tessier, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2017
Rufus & Royce Rufus & Royce is a clothing company that designs and sells preppy embroidered shorts with a variety of unique and fun designs for the millennial generation. The company is dedicated to delivering high quality products to its customers while giving back to its community by donating to the Humane Society. • Calista Tavallali, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2018
• John Kim, Elliott School of International Affairs, 2018
S3amless Artists and designers who primary used desktop 3D printing machines have two problems. Filament colors is very limited, and common machines only print in a single color. In S3amless, consumers specify colors from the color matching system; design their filament to order, specifying individual colors, color combinations, and color-lengths. • Anna Wu, School of Business, 2018
• Eman Mirdamadi, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2016
ShopStorey ShopStorey  is a social platform that allows users to tell their personal shopping stories. It is a platform to keep track of the research they conduct by product and an overall picture of the items they are planning to purchase in different categories so that they can prioritize purchases. • Xochitl Watts, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2016
SignOut SignOut is a new concept of the EMR that structures the medical record as a amalgamation of clinical team checklists to help facilitate workflows and improve efficiency. • Uchechi Iweala, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 2019
Smart, Portable Energy Solutions Our awesome team is passionate about implementing clean, portable energy solutions around the world. With a quarter of humanity (1.6 billion people) living without reliable electricity, we intimately understand the lack of clean energy in developing regions, where we were born. • Md Shahnoor Amin, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2017
SmartBridge SmartBridge is an online platform that connects businesses with top health and life science experts on a freelance basis for project-based work. • Hua Wang, Other, 2011
• Chuanyu Mu, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2017
Sojourner Elder Care Advocacy Sojourner Elder Care Advocacy is an affordable alternative to the plethora of disorganized services.  Adult child caregivers have few solutions for an all in one approach (medical, psychosocial, care needs, and financial). Our care coach empowered by a propriety  “lifecare plan” brings peace of mind and comprehensive plan. • Michael Mann, LALFA, ACHE, CMC, School of Public Health, 2016
• E Miller, School of Business, 2008
Staff U Staff U connects college students with employers seeking to fill project based jobs that last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. • Colin McFaul, School of Business, 2015
• Nick Condry, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2017
SuperEagle Solar SuperEagle Solar:  4-person team providing custom high end solar electric systems & service to middle-upper class homeowners & businesses in Lagos, Nigeria. Addresses urgent problem of lack of reliable electricity in key commercial center of African continent and superior to alternatives. • Jeffrey DeJoannis, Other, 1977
• Femi Adegbite, Other, 2017
• Suparna Mukherjee, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2017
• Leyla Sadigh, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2018


V-Education is committed to increase literacy rates by holding Vietnamese language classes to provide children basic written communication skills, which they can capitalize on to study on their own in the future. • Minh Tran, School of Business, 2017