2018 Mentors

100 Mentor Match-up Event | November, 2016

Mentors have been a crucial component to the GW New Venture Competition since 2010. Mentors provide much needed advice and invaluable support to our teams. We are always beyond grateful to those that pay it forward to the entrepreneurial community by dedicating their time and expertise.

Mentors & Teams

Team: Anzen: Safety GPS

Mentor(s): Ronjon Bose

Team: Bendt

Mentor(s): Tidus Coleman

Team: C.W.O.S.S.

Mentor(s): Neal Sikka

Team: Dahir Solutions

Mentor(s): Wayne Lifshitz

Team: Deep Space Solutions

Mentor(s): Elma Levy

Team: DiSTAT

Mentor(s): William Murphy

Team: Eat Exercise Enhance

Mentor(s): Lisa Rosenthal

Team: EZVein

Mentor(s): Henrik de Gyor

Team: Funder Hero

Mentor(s): Rob Wall

Team: George Washington University Credit Union Initiative

Mentor(s): Rodney Lake

Team: Global Organization for Applied Political Leadership (GOAL)

Mentor(s): Zarko Palankov

Team: GreenMake Inc.

Mentor(s): Matt Scott, Jesse Konig

Team: Harvey

Mentor(s): Kathy Korman Frey

Team: Information Exchange Framework (IEF)

Mentor(s): Mike Abramson

Team: Last Call

Mentor(s): Patrick Hanley

Team: M-Size Me

Mentor(s): Jeffrey A. Robinson, Roger Debow, Jill Carrie

Team: MeeSee

Mentor(s): Robert Laurine, Dontay Young

Team: Motivate-Now

Mentor(s): Karl Ginter

Team: MovementQ

Mentor(s): C'pher Gresham

Team: NomTruck

Mentor(s): Cary Toor

Team: NormaChain

Mentor(s): Karl Ginter

Team: Nostopharma

Mentor(s): Yali Friedman

Team: Patient Insight, Inc.

Mentor(s): Michael Tuteur

Team: Power to the People

Mentor(s): Bob Fine

Team: Rise to Peace

Mentor(s): Rajan Trivedi

Team: Sassy Pants

Mentor(s): Lisa Wise

Team: Sisterly Questions (SQ)

Mentor(s): Lisa Mavrogianis

Team: Snap Collar

Mentor(s): Ed Martinez

Team: Spark Enterprises

Mentor(s): Karl Ginter

Team: Spekt Virtual Reality

Mentor(s): Randy Graves

Team: Sumak

Mentor(s): Nadim Rifai, Ed Martinez, Shonali Suri

Team: The Wandering Raven

Mentor(s): Sridhar Raju, Bob Smith

Team: Time Table

Mentor(s): Johm Holmblad, Bob Smith

Team: TransferCharge

Mentor(s): Bob Smith

Team: UGET

Mentor(s): Bob Smith

Team: Waist Grippers

Mentor(s): Eric Koester

Team: WESPA (World Esport Players Association)

Mentor(s): Richard Berthelsen