36 Semifinalist Teams

36 Teams advance to the Semifinal Round of the New Venture Competition

Congratulations! On to the Semifinal Round!

It is our great pleasure to announce the 36 teams that advance to the semifinal round of the 2017 GW New Venture Competition.  The competition in the quarter final (2nd) round of submissions was particularly strong this year, the teams should be pleased to be advancing in the Competition. The list of all teams advancing to Round 3 are broken out by track and listed below.

For the next round, teams are expected to give in-person presentations to a panel of expert judges in their respective tracks. The 3rd round of the competition will be held over three days, one for each track:

  • April 3, 2017 (Tech Ventures)
  • April 4, 2017 (New Ventures)
  • April 5, 2017 (Social Ventures)

The time limit for a team's presentation is 12 minutes. These presentations may be accompanied by PowerPoint slides 9no other slide technology will be allowed in order to ensure compatibility with available projection resources). Judges will have 8 minutes for questions and answers. For more information, see here.

New Venture Track (12 teams)

Team Name Team Leader Venture Description
Agaport Tatiana Seikaly, CCAS 2017
Mimi Shojai, CCAS (Corcoran) 2017
Joshua Pulman, GWSB 2017
Agaport will be the first online platform to search, compare, and book storage space in Freeports, located within FTZs.
Arete Case Management Solutions Lisa Hogan
Lisa Holcomb, SON 2017
Kimberly Weaver, GWSB 2018
Arête: Excellence in Case Management. Right Person, Right Skills, Right Company.  Case Manager placement, with guaranteed competency for success.
Berg Bites Daniel Berg, CCAS 2018
Marguerite Bottorff
With heart healthy oats, Omega 3 powerhouses like chia/hemp seeds, Berg Bites are the guilt-free snack that are sinfully delicious!
CoLawyer Isaac Gritz, GWSB
Shreyash Shrivsatava, GWSB
Anirudh Vashishth, GWSB 2017
For Lawyers, CoLawyer is a productivity tool that saves time by providing a
centralized, real-time, and user-friendly case management suite.
CorkBoard Luke Bogacz, GWSB 2019
Trevor Ewen
Corkboard is an online marketing system designed for local businesses to spread the word about unique events across multiple channels.
DefibNow Chris Beauregard, ESIA 2018 By providing user-friendly AEDs, program management and  training, DefibNow provides best chance to save a life while limiting liability.
DiaBuddy Piyush Kashyap, GWSB 2017
Obichi Obiajunwa, GWSB 2017
Diabuddy helps diabetics and their relatives optimize diabetics care by improving compliance in diabetics  and preventing it in relatives.
drwr James Carbone, GWSB 2019
Rowland Zhang, ESIA 2016
drwr is an antiques and collectibles e-commerce platform. It improves buyer/seller experience through an user-generated taxonomy system.
Legatto Chunmei Gao, CCAS 2016
Sophia Lohrum, GWSB 2018
Gregory Taylor, GWSB 2017
Roman Torres Boscan, ESIA 2017
Legatto is a innovative Registered Investment Advisory company focused on acquiring books of business (funds) and serving small clients.
The Pockette Palette Lynda T. C. Peralta, GWSB 2017 The Pocket Palette: A single-serve makeup kit that  empowers women to focus on priorities and stop carrying bulky bags.
UMa (Ursa Major - The Great Bear ) Madina Tussupbekova, GWSB 2017 There are a lot of things locals wish that tourists knew about their country and culture.
Viva Vita: Live Life Carleigh Berryman, GWSB 2019 Viva Vita allows the elderly to Live Life the way they want to, without leaving the comfort of their Home.

Social Venture Track (12 teams)

Team Name Team Leader Venture Description
Engaged Minds Karin Tovar Cardenas, GSEHD 2017
Joseph Alex Hartsell
Holistic intervention that travel to senior facilities that suffer from dementia providing a dance class (Adapted Tango) with group therapy.
Givebutter Liran Cohen, SEAS 2018
Max Friedman, GWSB 2017
Ari Krasner, ESIA 2018
Givebutter is a social crowdfunding platform for student organizations and nonprofits with a mission of inspiring people to give back.
Journeyture Christopher Fitch, GWSB 2017
Laurel Ganem, CCAS 2018
Rolando Murgas, CCAS 2018
Journeyture brings sustainable solutions to a dull industry through innovative, modular designs. Come be A Part of our journey!
KnoNap Connor Varley, SEAS
Colten Eberhard, CCAS
Danya Sherman, ESIA 2019
KnoNap is a one-of-a-kind discreet napkin with detector cells that test for Date Rape drug presence in various beverages.
Mynd Sara Cho Kim, GSEHD
Lauren Hoffman, CCAS 2017
Sebastian Hood, ESIA 2018
Jeff Schulthies, SEAS 2018
Mynd is a telehealth platform that instantly connects students with local therapists via text, voice, and video-chat.
Rosemont Horticultural Evan Bromfield
Devon Swift, GW Law 2020
We provide chefs who want to differentiate their menus with year-round, affordable, exquisite crops grown with no environmental waste.
Servify Mitchell Opatowsky, ESIA 2019
Blake Richardson, CCAS 2019
Benjamin Yoxall, ESIA 2019
Servify’s software enhances nonprofits’ ability to impact their community by reducing their administrative workload through simplifying event management and communication.
The Forgotten Fruit Larry Gibbons, GWSB 2016
Stephanie Westhelle, GWSB 2017
We create delicious snacks using misshaped produce discarded by our agricultural system, to increase revenue for farmers and decrease waste.
Trident Innovation Adrian Britt, CCAS 2017
Thomas Garvis, SEAS 2017
David Sullivan, CCAS 2017
By implementing an innovative portable water desalinator Trident Innovations aims to alleviate human health impacts from unclean drinking water.
Urgent Wellness John Barabino, SPH
Luigi Leblanc
Freya Spielberg, SPH 1992
Aubrey Villalobos, SPH 2021
Urgent Wellness, community-placed community health worker-operated telemedicine and medical vending machines, will reduce costs while improving health for vulnerable populations.
USACA Rachel Decoste, CCAS 2017 For the American dream, immigrants must master English. Do you catch my drift? If not, there's an app for that!
V-Fashion Minh Tran, GWSB 2017 V-Fashion provides opportunities to parents in Vietnam areas to produce knitted products to have income to send children to school.

Technology Venture Track (12 teams)

Team Name Team Leader Venture Description
Acta Jared Grayson, GWSB 2018
Laisi Ma, GWSB 2019
Michael Timmons, GWSB 2017
Acta provides a mobile record mobility platform that facilitates the exchange of information between healthcare service providers.
ASC Connect, LLC Ravi Venkataraman, SPH 2018 ASC Connect offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant solution, streamlining surgical orders and enhancing patients’ quality of care at ambulatory surgery centers.
Bernik Nikolaos Beratlis, SEAS 2001
Natalia Clementi, SEAS 2019
A Head-Up-Display for motorcycles that projects critical information in the rider's forward vision including rear view visibility and blindspots.
BlackBook William Goulding, ESIA 2017 The BlackBook-app connects nightlife consumers and venues interactively: securing payments, filling excess capacity and optimising sales. Innovating a fragmented industry.
Clean Condense Charles Carlson, GWSB 2018
Spencer Legred, CCAS
Dennis Marquis
David Meehan, GWSB 2017
We provide gardeners and growers with clean water to run their operations, in both an affordable and environmentally friendly way.
dis-ABILITY Alex Perrin, GWSB 2017
Greg Wagner
dis-ABILITY is developing adaptive fitness technology to make gym equipment universally accessible and safe for disabled individuals with physical impairments.
FourthWaveStudios Joseph Schiarizzi, SEAS 2018 Fourth Wave Studios builds Augmented Reality apps which make education material more visual and interactive than ever before.
Opal: Medical Equipment Management Device Connor Roberts, SEAS 2017 Opal is a comprehensive equipment management system that delivers the power and efficiency of condition-based maintenance to the healthcare sector.
Postopia, Inc. Samuel Quarm, SEAS 2018 Postopia, a talent and self-promotion platform for non-established artist to showcase their acts to Talent enthusiasts through democratization fame.
Shepard Eli Andrew, SEAS 2017
Samuel Cowin, SEAS 2017
Duncan d'Hemecourt, SEAS 2017
Shepard provides a simplified solution to traffic management by utilizing rising cloud-based technology to centralize traffic systems at event venues.
SignOut Radoslav Georgiev
Uchechi Iweala, SMHS 2019
Hieu Nguyen, SMHS 2017
Michelle Patterson
SignOut is a software application that hosts surgical protocols of care and helps institutions improve patient outcomes and cut costs.
SleepAlert Omobola Balogun, GWSB 2016
Emmanuel Bayongan, GWSB 2017
Herli Benitez-Danao, GWSB 2017
Cielo Marie Maca, GWSB 2016
SleepAlert is a reliable, customizable and portable monitoring device designed by specialists to promote road safety by preventing drowsy driving.