Elma Levy (MIR)


Elma Levy

Elma Levy
Dovel Technologies
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As the co-founder of Dovel Technologies, a technology company that builds and supports IT systems for the Federal Government, Ms. Levy began her business career in early 2000 in a home based office with 2 employees.  Dovel has grown to its current size of 800+ staff and $150+ million in revenues. 

In her current role as the Chair of the Board, Ms. Levy oversees the organization from a Board governance level.  In this role, it is her responsibility to monitor the fiscal and directional health of the organization on behalf of the shareholders and other stakeholders.  The Board oversees the activities of the CEO and the executive team through monthly financial reviews, quarterly Board meetings, as well as impromptu meetings as needed.

Previously, as the Chief Management Officer and later as the CEO, Ms. Levy was responsible for establishing all departments, policies and procedures necessary to govern and manage a profitable and growing organization. 

Prior to her career as an entrepreneur and business owner, Ms. Levy had a successful career in nursing.  Her healthcare career included her role as clinical RN in The Netherlands, Israel, and the US, as well as her work as a Family Nurse Practitioner where she provided medical care and wellness counseling to patient in an ambulatory setting. She has an MSN and a BSN with an FNP Certification.

Volunteer Involvement:

Currently, her volunteer involvement includes her work with Montgomery Hospice, where she serves on the Board and on several committees; in addition, she visits patients in their home to provide support as needed, including respite for family members, help with activities such as grocery shopping etc., or supporting the client by providing a quiet presence.

As a certified mentor for SCORE, she meets with entrepreneurial clients and provides mentoring, coaching and support.  In addition, as a member of the outreach committee, she works to introduce SCORE to industry and the community.  Finally, she designed a workshop on networking which she presents quarterly.

For the George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) she is a member of the SEAS Advisory Council which serves to support the Dean of the School of Engineering in his mission to advance the GW SEAS to become one of the top engineering schools in the nation.

Ms. Levy was born and raised in The Netherlands, and lived and worked in Israel for a year prior to coming to the US in in January 1982.

She is married and has two adult children and a Golden Retriever named Rosie.