Maquita Irvin

Maquita Irvin

Administrative Assistant
[email protected]


Maquita Irvin is the Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In this position, Maquita serves as the primary contact for internal and external offices and supports the office through a variety of administrative tasks. Some of these tasks include scheduling, managing social media, producing the departmental newsletter, and overseeing various databases. Maquita comes to the department from the GW Medical Faculty Associates with years of experience in writing and editing, project management, office management, and complex scheduling. Prior to that, she worked at the Eastern Virginia Medical School with the Assistant Deam in Diversity and Educational Programs where she co-managed large departmental events, tracked various student metrics and recruited medical students with the goal of reducing health-care disparities particularly among minority and underserved populations. Maquita has also worked in editorial leadership, specifically for offices focused on women empowerment and the advancement of gender equality.



Maquita has a Bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis in Journalism.