Annamaria Konya-Tannon with GW student at 100 Mentor Match-up

GW New Venture Competition Mentors

All New Venture Competition semi-finalists are paired with a mentor.  Semi-finalist team mentors typically devote 1-2 hours per week during February, March and April to their team.

Drawing from a pool of qualified experts, each team is matched with a mentor who has related industry or startup experience. Competition mentors generously give their time and share their wisdom and experience. In some cases, mentors continue to guide their team months and years after the GW New Venture Competition has ended.

How to become a NVC Mentor

The GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has established the GW Innovation Exchange where aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and business people who have volunteered to advise GW students about any and all aspects of creating a startup.

Anyone wishing to serve as a mentor to a GW team should create a mentor profile on the GW Innovation Exchange. Anyone wishing to be a mentor for the GW New Venture Competition should indicate that as part of their profile on the platform.

GW Mentor and Mentee Policies and Guidelines

A strict code of ethics outlines the parameters of participation in the program for both mentors and mentees.  In order to participate in GW’s mentoring programs, you must agree to the stipulations, release from liability, and guidelines provided here.