Top 36 Semifinalist Teams

36 of the top student startup teams advance to the Semifinal Round of the New Venture Competition

Congratulations! On to the Semifinal Round!

It is our great pleasure to announce the 36 teams that advance to the semifinal round of the 2018 GW New Venture Competition.  The competition in the quarter final (2nd) round of submissions was particularly strong this year, the teams should be pleased to be advancing in the Competition. The list of all teams advancing to Round 3 are broken out by track and listed below.

For the next round, teams are expected to give in-person presentations to a panel of expert judges in their respective tracks. The 3rd round of the competition will be held over three days, one for each track:

  • April 2, 2018 (Tech Ventures)
  • April 3, 2018 (New Ventures)
  • April 4, 2018 (Social Ventures)

The time limit for a team's presentation is 12 minutes. These presentations may be accompanied by PowerPoint slides 9no other slide technology will be allowed in order to ensure compatibility with available projection resources). Judges will have 8 minutes for questions and answers. For more information, see here.

New Venture Track (12 teams)

Team Name Team Members Venture Description
Bendt John Kuhl (GWSB '18) Bendt is a distributive-risk mitigation platform that facilitates the trading of future earnings of professional athletes to produce tracking stocks.
Deep Space Solutions Mounir Alafrangy (SEAS '18)
Jessica Montgomery (GWSB '20)
Raj Rao (SMHS Faculty)
With the common problem being Osteoporosis, we are building a more effective exercise machine for astronauts and older adults.
Eat Exercise Enhance Alex Berets (GWSB '19) EEE will be the most straightforward fitness app on the market targeted towards young to middle-aged males. 
GreenMake Inc. Cheng Yan (GWSB '19)
Yifeng Yu (GWSB '18)
GreenMake is a high-end and personalized food delivery service that allows healthy food seekers to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
Last Call Erin McGeoy (GWSB '18)
Chloe King (ESIA '19)
Mitsi Gamble
Last Call is a platform connecting restaurants and foodies. Restaurants push out surplus dishes near closing for a discounted price.
NomTruck Javier Pereira (GWSB '18)
Andrea Starkman (CCAS '18)
Platform connecting food trucks and customers via online ordering, and offering food trucks a centralized dashboard to run their business.
Sassy Pants Elizabeth Terry (GWSB '19)
Erin Oliphant (CCAS '19)
Nancy Calderone
Tamara Wurst
Sassy Pants empowers women by co-creating innovative, customizable athletic apparel to transform traditional fitness.
Snap Collar Michael Sullivan (GWSB '18)
Jack Collins (GWSB '17)
Snap Collar is a product designed to be applied to casual and polo shirt collars to improve the shirt's appearance.
Spekt Virtual Reality Kaitlin Santiago (CCAS '20) Spekt is a VR software product simulating physical environments and SEL interactions to train SME and startup workforces.
The Wandering Raven Trishanya Raju (GSEHD '19)
Mayank Mathur
The Wandering Raven is an e-learning platform that teaches young students creative writing through informative and engaging animated videos.
TransferCharge Seamus Moran (CCAS '21) TransferCharge technologies provides users with the capability to transfer battery charge between phones, eliminating the inconvenience of wired chargers.
Waist Grippers Raffi Garnighian (GW LAW '18)
Adrienne Greenberg
Waist Grippers are removable silicone gripping strips that keep shirts tucked in by attaching to the user's belt line.

Social Venture Track (13 teams)

Team Name Team Members Venture Description
Dahir Solutions Dimitrije Mitic
Michael Ready (CCAS '19)
Sofian Obaid (SEAS '18)
Konstntin Mitic (SEAS '18)
We are providing a comfortable, non-limiting back brace that alleviates lower back pain, alloweing users to live their daily lives.
Funder Hero Liana Sherman (ESIA '18) Funder Hero's an app that enables users to use their phones while simultaneously raising money for non-profits, startups and projects!
George Washington University Credit Union Initiative Sahil Pankhaniya (GWSB '21)
Chris Trummer (SEAS '21)
Our credit union strengthens the GW community by helping students bank cheaper, build credit and learn to manage their finances.
Global Organization For Applied--Political Leadership Jonathan McGee, M.P.S. (CPS '15)
Laura Brendle (ESIA '18)
G.O.A.L is a training incubator for diverse political talent, developing a pipeline of future political leaders that reflects society.
MeeSee Brittany Wheeler (SEAS '20)
Jasmine LeFlore
MeeSee is a detachable sensor that provides added awareness to users by detecting motion and facial recognition.
Motivate-Now Kirthi Narayanan (SEAS '19) Motivate-Now is an online hub that creates a supportive environment for people to make a positive impact on their lives.
MovementQ Lauren Rosenbaum (SPH '18)
Liz Thompson (CCAS '11)
Diana Cheng
Gregory Joseph
MovementQ is a first-of-its-kind cafe/bar, performance venue and event space focused on building inclusive LGBTQ community.
Power to the People Felipe Bohorquez (GWSB '18)
Aditi Seth (ESIA '18)
George Raskovic (ESIA '18)
Sasan Dehghan
Power to the People is a social enterprise that creates a more resilient and energy efficient city while also providing underserved communities with skills and employment opportunities.
Rise to Peace Ahmad Mohibi (ESIA '18) The Interview Project seeks to prevent future radicalization by educating youth and families in vulnerable communities.
Sisterly Questions (SQ) Sarah Stupp (CCAS '20)
Neha Jog (CCAS '20)
Sisterly Questions is an online information and support system that acts as a virtual big sister and a curriculum provider.
Sumak Andrea Armas (CPS '19) Sumak is an Andean healthy beverage based on purple corn that contains antioxidants and phytonutrients, created for and by women.
UGET Myojeong Kim (GWSB '20)
Amy Jung (CCAS '20)
We provide flexible, customized homecare service app to connect social workers to beneficiaries immediately.
WESPA (World Esport Players Association) Kris Miller (GWSB '19)
Jubin Arora (GWSB '19)
Maria Elisa Gomes de Almeida (GWSB '18)
Ellen Zavian (GWSB '88)
WESPA is a trade association 501(c)(6) that will represent professional gamers in the burgeoning Esports industry.

Technology Venture Track (12 teams)

Team Name Team Leader Venture Description
Anzen: Safety GPS Md Shahnoor Amin
Md Shahrooz Amin (SEAS '18)
Anzen is a mobile system that continuously monitors the safety of a user's surroundings.
DiSTAT Isaac Lichtenstein (SMHS '20)
Spencer Lichtenstein
The Rapid Diagnostic Suite is an on-site, on-demand clinical testing solution, saving time and money for healthcare businesses and consumers.
EZVein Shubham Gupta (SEAS '20)
Joseph Spinelli
EZVein is a device that allows users to easily see veins while having both hands available for accurate vein puncture.
Harvey Stephanie Moinian (GWSB '19)
Jonathan Moinian (GWSB '13)
A proactive information management software that connects business owners, operators, and vendors to save time and money.
Information Exchange Framework (IEF) Iliana Maifeld-Carucci (CCAS '19)
Asad Hakim
Joseph Haaga (CCAS'18)
Vijay Mehra
We make data sharing more efficient by enforcing data policy through our data governance software so organizations can interoperate securely.
M-Size Me Yolandra Hancock (SPH Faculty)
Kritica Joshi (SPH '19)
M-Size Me is the only pediatrician developed mHealth technology that addresses childhood obesity amongst Africacn-American adolescent females.
NormaChain Chunchi Liu (SEAS PhD '21)
Vishesh Javangula (CCAS '19)
By blending Searchable Encryption with blockchain, NormaChain combats financial fraud by efficiently scanning and sorting through unforgeable, encrypted transaction histories.
Nostopharma Jelena Jeremic (GWSB '21)
Katya Vert
Nostopharma develops treatment to prevent pathologic bone growth - a painful complication after traumas and severe burns affecting 100,000 patients.
Patient Insight, Inc. Jesse Pines (SMHS '18)
Sarah Sims
Electronic health data is everywhere, but difficult to use. We design data for doctors for safer, better-informed, and cost-effective care.
Spark Enterprises Ahmad Aljaberi (CCAS '20)
Nam Tran (SEAS '19)
Nathan Carney (GWSB '21)
Applying augmented reality to trading card games will entice people who've never played TRGs before to join the market.
Team C.W.O.S.S. Rohan Patil (CCAS '19)
Krishan Shah (GWSB '20)
Ibet Ramirez (CCAS '19)
Arthur Cronin (CCAS '18)
Our device will mitigate the hospital's financial burden and provide healthcare personnel with a proactive solution to this systemic problem.
Time Table Jonas Majauskas (GWSB '18)
Gluliano Senese
Jj Owens
Jason Kornreich (GWSB '18)
Time Table is redefining the dining experience by integrating automation, increasing calculation accuracy, and streamlining the wait-list process.